SM Cabanatuan’s Castaway Music Festival 2017 Giveaway

SM Cabanatuan - Castaway Music Festival 2017 - Red Diaz Giveaway

I’m giving away 3 VIP and 7 GEN AD tickets in SM Cabanatuan’s Castaway Music Festival 2017 this coming April 28! Get a chance to party with @iamvictorpring @djaceramos@djronpoe @jennleezy @arrapascual and many more! (I heard @bamboomuzaklive will be there too!)
Here’s how to join…
1. Follow @reddefines and @smcabofficial here on Instagram
2. Tag 3 friends you want to bring to #SMCityCabanatuan‘s #CastawayMusicFestival2017
3. Comment as many as you want for more chances of winning
4. I will pick 3 winners randomly (Winner 1 will get 3 GEN AD tickets, Winner 2 will get 4 GEN AD tickets, and Winner 3 will get 3 VIP tickets!)
5. Announcement of winners will be on April 25
I will be there as well together with my friends so see you all! ✨
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COSMIC: The iACADEMY 15th Anniversary Kick-off Celebration


Dare to be different. BE A GAME CHANGER!

The school is the training ground for our future careers. With the continually rising demand for globally competitive professionals, it is now more important than ever to choose the right educational institution to provide proper training and character-building.

iACADEMY sees to develop Game Changers to lead the advancement of society. It aims to reinvent education to address the ever changing needs of the industry.

iACADEMY continues to lead and provide the most conducive and effective learning environment for globally competitive individuals because we believe that it is not enough to just have students trained by people who practice their trade, but more so, to place them in the midst of the corporations that will allow them to grow not only as competent workers, but also as relevant leaders, the kind of people that we like to call “Game Changers”—Vanessa L. Tanco, President & CEO


Last January 27, I was given the opportunity to participate in #COSMIC, the 15th Anniversary Kick-off Celebration of iACADEMY which was held at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. In point of fact, this is only the first in a series of events for this year which target to recognize and acclaim the talents, achievements and contributions of iACADEMY’s students and alumni who are referred to as Game Changers.


The event started off with the welcoming remarks from Ms. Vanessa L. Tanco, the President & CEO of iACADEMY. After which, they unveiled this year’s anniversary logo that was designed by one of their students.

The event showcased a wide-variety of activities. There were short film and animated film screenings, fashion and art exhibit, various activity booths, live art, and performances from artists “Oh, Flamingo!”, “Reese Lansangan”, “Jensen and The Flips”, “Autotelic”, and the famous “Itchyworms”.

I feel so grateful to have been chosen as one of the bloggers who covered this event. It was a great honor for me to have witnessed live the creative performances and works of the iACADEMY students. Congratulations on your 15th year, iACADEMY! May you continue to produce more Game Changers in the years to come.

PS—Check out my Youtube Channel to watch my vlog for this! God speed!

Brighten up the holidays with J.CO Donuts!

Having a hard time thinking of what gifts to give for Christmas? — My tip is to skip the expensive Christmas gifts this year and opt for something affordable that will certainly brighten up anyone’s Christmas!

What could be more exciting than to receive and open a christmassy box of colorful and scrumptious donuts? Not to mention that many Filipinos believe that round or circular things like donuts symbolize coins or money and thus, invite prosperity and abundance for the household. Indeed, J.CO is the perfect option!

Also, what’s good about J.CO’s donuts is the fact that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. Unlike other donuts, I can eat more than 1 J.CO donut without feeling sated at all. Not to mention how detailed their designs are! A perfect gift for anyone, especially the kids, this holiday season!

Like J.CO’s official facebook and instagram pages to keep yourselves posted on their upcoming news!

5 Reasons why iPhone 7 is worth it

256GB Matte Black iPhone 7 Plus — REDdefines

Red meets Black — The new breed of iPhone has finally arrived the country! Last November 11, Power Mac Center PH has finally launched the two new iPhone variants,  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, featuring the black edition which comes in matte and glossy finish!

For the record, my parents have given me the latest version of iPhone for 5 consecutive years now (props to Apple for always releasing their new iPhones on early November) and it has always gave me ants in my pants but I’ve never been that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until I found out that the new breed of iPhones will have a 256 GB variant! That’s like, every blogger’s dream! (or at least, for me) *LOL* but seriously, I find it very essential and beneficial because…

It has a 256 GB of storage space

As a blogger (actually, back when I wasn’t even a blogger yet), I always get my phone storage full. Maybe because I’m super vain, but really, I’d like to think that it’s all because I’m passionate about photography (just kill me for giving the lamest excuse, hahaha!) To cut the story short, I always end up saving my photos in my external hard drive which makes it so difficult to keep track. With the whopping 256 GB storage space of the new iPhone, I think it might take me a while before getting it full.

It features advanced camera systems

It has two cameras that shoot as one! You read it right! Two! Not one… Two cameras that zoom digitally up to 10x! Also, who doesn’t want a better camera quality? It now has a 12MP camera, an optical image stabilization, 7MP Facetime HD camera, and a Quad-LED True Tone flash. I know other brands offer greater megapixels but based on my personal experience, iPhone camera still stands out. Honestly, this isn’t that big of a con for me because I always use my Fujifilm X-T10 and Canon 650D when taking blog photos but as long as there is an upgrade, I’m in! I might sound like a proud apple fanboy right now, but hell I am. *LOL*

It has the brightest, most colorful iPhone display yet

If you guys haven’t checked out the display settings yet, you are so missing out! It has a wide gamut of color, it’s 25%  brighter and now has a 3D touch! Like, srsly? I’m literally speechless!

It’s now in stereo

The new iPhone has a new stereo speaker system which makes it 2x louder than my previous phone, the iPhone 6s. Also, it’s EarPods now has a lightning connector.

It has the best performance and battery life EVER in an iPhone

It has an A10 Fusion Chip which is considered the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone! It’s 2x faster than iPhone 6 and has the longest battery life ever in an iPhone! Not to mention that it’s splash and water resistant!

It looks every bit as powerful as it actually is. This is the new iPhone 7, guys, and these are all the reasons why I think that it’s super worth it!


Make a statement with Calypso PH’s classy accessories

Calypso PH bracelets — REDdefines

With today’s fast-paced updates and trends in fashion, it’s a bit difficult to make a statement. Sometimes, a good top and bottom plus your favorite sneakers fall short in expressing the statement that you want to make and that’s when you should consider investing in good and classy accessories that would accentuate your look. Don’t get me wrong because I, for one, spends a lot in putting up ensembles or OOTD but I’ve always been fond of going the extra mile and thus, accessorizing.

Calypso PH offers timeless style for men and women. I opted for their Greek Bracelets, Santorini & Athens, because they suit my personal style well. Surprisingly, their products do not only look good, but also have their own meanings and uses! The Santorini bracelet is made of 5mm Snowflake Obsidian beads which is a stone of purity that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. On the other hand, my favorite, the Athens bracelet is made of 5mm Quartz beads which resonate strongly within the eighth chakra, commonly known as the soul star chakra, and within the higher transpersonal chakras. What could be more interesting right?

Check out Calypso PH‘s Instagram page or head on directly to to inquire or place an order. Don’t forget to use my code “RED10” to enjoy 10% discount on your purchase!


J.CO Philippines launches its #SpooktacularHalloween Donuts

JCO Spooktacular Halloween Treats - 1

Good news to all sweet-toothed fellas like me! J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines launched its brand new selection of delicious donuts that will certainly make you scream for more! Try out #CocoMummy, #CrankyFrankie, or my favorite one, #MrStitchO!

What’s good about J.CO’s donuts is the fact that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. Unlike other donuts, I can eat more than 1 J.CO donut without feeling sated at all. Not to mention how detailed their designs are! A perfect treat for anyone, especially the kids, this coming Halloween!

Like J.CO’s official facebook and instagram pages to keep yourselves posted on their upcoming news!

#NationalTechiesDay Promo Giveaway



In celebration of #NationalTechiesDay, I am giving away a unisex Casio Youth Digital Grey Dial Watch (F-94WA-9DG)! ⌚️

Here’s how to join…

1) Take a selfie with your favorite gadget or a photo of that gadget and use the hashtags #RedxNationalTechiesDay and #RedGiveaways

2) Caption out why you love that gadget and why you deserve to win this giveaway

3) Tag me and follow @reddefines and @casiowatches_ph to qualify

4) I will choose a winner based on his/her photo and caption

5) Promo runs from Oct 4-11

5) Announcement of winner will be on Oct 12

I can’t wait to see all your selfies! Don’t forget to tag me on them! Good luck, guys!

Ps — Upload your entries on Instagram, not on Facebook ☝🏻