Behind the Blog

Red is a simple 23-year-old aesthete who dreams of REDefining everything. His life revolves in a crazy mix of food, fashion, travel, and a ton of art. He was a former Multimedia Artist & Web Master in an IT company. He was born and raised in the humble city of Cabanatuan. He is a proud IT graduate, Major in Multimedia Systems.

He is an only child and he hates being alone. He loves spending chill moments with my family and friends. He loves expressing his life interests and trying new stuff. He used to be an avid gamer, mainly Ragnarok. He is naturally competitive and he loves challenges. He likes to think that he is a man of many parts. He loves music and enjoys both singing and dancing. Aside from that, he also has a thing for food which made him fell in love with cooking and especially, baking. According to his friends, his cookies are the bomb!

This blog is his outlet for creativity and he hopes to ignite your wicks of inspiration through this.

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