Create your favorite feeling with FAVORI Scents

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To most people, a scent isn’t just a fragrance — it’s a memory.

These nostalgic ties aren’t just a coincidence. There’s a science behind why we cherish these aromas. Aside from their memory-inducing powers, certain scents can also do amazing things for our mind and body. From stress relief to headache relief, certain aromas have a way of making a positive impact to one’s self.

JAC Tripon, a marketing practitioner turned scent crafter, is a firm believer in the power of aromas. It was her dream to provide the Philippine market with quality and long lasting scents at affordable prices.

Exactly the reason why she decided to start FAVORI, a hand-crafted home fragrances brand that allows customers to #CreateYourFavoriteFeeling through their selected scents. FAVORI means favorite in French. It was chosen to express JAC’s desire to capture every individual’s preferred scent in each variant she designs.
“I want my customers to be able to identify with a scent that they can call their favorite”
These are the exact words of JAC who understands that scent preferences vary depending on a person’s personality, mood, lifestyle, and specific needs.

FAVORI offers a wide-variety of Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Air Sprays, Soy Aroma Candles and Aroma Pouches, as well as various options for Aerators, Diffusers and Burner Devices in stylish designs.

Among all their amazing products and scents I tried, their Vanilla Aroma Pouch tops my list! The moment I opened the package, I immediately smelled the scent of warm Vanilla which never fails to keep me feeling calm and relaxed.

Aside from that, FAVORI scents also eliminate unwanted odors and refreshes the air with a cleansing anti-bacterial agent which is perfect for dog owners like me who stays in a room with furbabies.

For more information about FAVORI, you may check out You may also follow them on Instagram to keep yourselves posted on their promos! #FavoriPH



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