Brighten up the holidays with J.CO Donuts!

Having a hard time thinking of what gifts to give for Christmas? — My tip is to skip the expensive Christmas gifts this year and opt for something affordable that will certainly brighten up anyone’s Christmas!

What could be more exciting than to receive and open a christmassy box of colorful and scrumptious donuts? Not to mention that many Filipinos believe that round or circular things like donuts symbolize coins or money and thus, invite prosperity and abundance for the household. Indeed, J.CO is the perfect option!

Also, what’s good about J.CO’s donuts is the fact that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. Unlike other donuts, I can eat more than 1 J.CO donut without feeling sated at all. Not to mention how detailed their designs are! A perfect gift for anyone, especially the kids, this holiday season!

Like J.CO’s official facebook and instagram pages to keep yourselves posted on their upcoming news!


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