Unleash your inner child at Ball Pit Manila

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The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.

These are the few words that Stephen Nasmanovitch once said which I personally do believe in. Growing up, I’ve always been the kid who never gets tired of playing. As a matter of fact, the thing that I hated the most during my childhood was bedtime.

I’ve known BPM for quite some time now. I mean, any nethead would definitely see random posts about BPM trending on social media because let’s face it, incorporating a pool of white balls inside a cafe was a genius move considering how people nowadays are getting more and more artsy over time. I, for one, have  always wanted to go to BPM but I never had the chance to until last August 14, on the day of Charlie Puth’s concert in Manila. The concert was at 8pm of that day so I thought it was the perfect timing for me to finally experience BPM.

Like what I’ve said on my previous blog, that day started off really bad because heavy rains were everywhere. Whilst on the road, I searched up BPM’s contact number on their website and called them to confirm if no roads are closed and that they would open on that day. Luckily, lady luck shone on me as the rest of the day literally turned from grey and cloudy to sunny and fun!

So, our schedule at BPM was at 12-1pm. For rates and schedule, click here. I was using waze because I didn’t know exactly where BPM is located. So, I want to be completely honest here and say that I was really surprised when waze asked me to stop at an area that’s way different than what I was expecting. The building was kind of old and there were not a lot of people roaming around that place.

So, we entered this old building and the guard told us to head to the 2nd floor where BPM is. When we reached the 2nd floor, we saw a white door with a label that reads “Ball Pit Manila” and upon opening that door, the mood literally turned from boring to fun! I immediately wanted to hop in the pool of balls and play but it was full of people that time so I waited for quite a bit until there were only 2 people left inside. To be completely honest, the pool was way smaller than what I had in mind but man, the fun I had was beyond imagination. As I hopped in the pool, I instantly felt like the kid I used to be. It was hella fun! So first, I had to grab a quick photo-op of course. After that, I played until our time was finished. Btw, the payment was inclusive of complimentary drinks so after playing, we got to sit and cool up for a while before leaving.

Overall, the experience was indescribable! Was it worth it? Super! Was it fun? Beyond imagination! One tip though, be sure to have someone with you when you visit this place. Although they have approachable staff that you may ask to take photos of you, it’s still always better to have someone to share the fun with.

Photos by Ben Benitez


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