Charlie Puth LIVE! in Manila Concert Experience

An ecstatic frenzy! — Words are not enough to describe how good the whole Charlie Puth concert experience we all (especially the Puthers) have witnessed live in Kia Theatre, Quezon City, Philippines last August 14, 2016.

It was on April 13, 2016 at exactly 10:00 AM when the ticket selling started. I was in our office back then, waiting for the countdown to finish and hoping to get VIP passes. With my heart ticking like a bomb in a birdcage, I immediately went for it and luckily got 2 VIP center tickets! 4 months had passed and excitement has filled my entire system. I’ve thought of many things during those 4 months, like “What stuff should I bring?”, “Should I make myself a custom Charlie Puth shirt?” and many more. Not to mention how I patiently memorized every single song on his Nine Track Mind album.

On the actual day of his concert, it was raining so bad in Manila (Probably in the whole Philippines actually) due to the southwest monsoon. Since the concert will start at 8pm, I decided to try and experience firsthand one of the most trending cafes in the metro at the moment, Ball Pit Manila. After playing at the pool of white-colored balls (LOL), I hurriedly went to Gateway Mall in Cubao to meet 2 of my previous office friends, Renlyn & Jeena. We catched up and exchanged stories over a scrumptious feast at Burgoo before heading to Kia Theatre which is only a few steps away from Gateway.

Everything was perfect until we saw the crazy long queue of the concert attendees. It took as roughly an hour to get inside the venue! It was a relief when we finally got in *then boom* a guard confiscated the battery of my Fujifilm XT-10. I felt super depressed considering that Charlie’s concert was one of the factors that pushed me to get the said cam earlier (My original plan was to get it this coming Nov, as an early birthday gift for myself) because I didn’t want to use my bulky Canon 650D. Wait, there’s more. The worst part of it all was sitting there and seeing other attendees holding cameras. Like, wtf? Seriously? If you guys are going to confiscate camera batteries, make sure you’ll get all of it! It just sucks that they get to capture high-res snaps while I’m left with no choice but to use the sucky cam of my iPhone.

A DJ named Katsy Lee was the opening act. She played some good music and kept us all sane until Charlie arrived. After roughly an hour, a deafening noise blocked all our ears as Charlie sing “Marvin Gaye” for his opening song. He sang nearly all the tracks on his Nine Track Mind album apart from “As You Are”. After more than an hour of great show, he finally bid farewell and left the stage. The next part, which I think was the highlight of the whole concert, was when he returned on stage and sang “See You Again” after we, the whole crowd, numerously screamed “We want more!”.

Leaving the venue was a bit of a pain for we were seated near 2 Filipino artists, Kiray Celis and Yohan Hwang (I love OPM‘s first-ever Grand Touristar) who were both being mobbed by the audience.

Overall, I’m rating my whole Charlie Puth concert experience a 9/10. If it wasn’t for the poor management of Kia Theatre, it would’ve been a perfect 10! But srsly, Charlie Puth is one heck of a performer! Thank you for the wonderful experience!


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