Behind the Blog

After gathering my thoughts for some weeks now, I finally had the guts to start posting stuff here. Well, tbh, it took me awhile because I can’t think of a good introductory post. So, I tried visiting other people’s blogs to somehow get the feel that I would want to apply on my own. Something that would fit both my liking and my stuff.

Talking about my stuff, I’m sure my future posts would mostly revolve around arts in various forms. May it be an actual piece of artwork that I get to make in the future or even a video of me, doing all sorts of things like singing or dancing, or even a review about something.

During my college years, my favorite prof always wanted me to try out blogging. She told me that it’s good for us in the IT community to have an online portfolio. Too bad, I never had the time to make one then. Now that I’m finally working, I guess it’s about time I take her advice and jump-start blogging.

So, I came up with the blog name reddefines because obviously, my name is Red and I want to redefine everything. It may sound absurd but seriously, I believe that everything is subjective. What someone thinks about something may differ from how I see it. We all have our own definitions of things and it is my aim to redefine stuff and hopefully inspire others through it.


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